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When SoMotion started in 2001, website design was the sole focus of the company. With 16 years experience in designing websites, we believe we know how to create a design that will engage with users, build trust and encourage conversions.

Good design speaks for itself, so rather than explain how design works, we would rather show you. Please click on the links below to see some of our favourite client designs in recent years.


We are open and transparent with our pricing. The examples on this page cost between £3,000 and £5,000 (ex VAT).

What do I get?

We work with you to agree a brief, then deliver designs to your specification working on a fixed price basis. We typically develop the homepage first, then other key landing pages. These are provided to you as photoshop files ready for your developers to turn into a website.

Does this give me a fully working website?

We provide design only and no longer offer website development or coding. Instead we have partnerships with agencies in Brighton who simply do development better than us, as it’s their sole focus. Marketing is now our sole focus. If you need help finding a developer, or want an end-to-end solution we can setup meetings with agencies and work with them through to completion of your site.

We exist to build marketing campaigns that work

Pick up the phone and let us show you how