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Generate New Business Enquiries Immediately

Pay-per-click allows you to meet marketing goals immediately, and gain market share in areas you cannot yet reach with via organic SEO or through social media channels. We first passed our Google Adwords Certified Professionals exam in 2010, and went on to become a Google Partner. Since then we have managed over £1m in spend for our clients, generating millions in revenue in return.

The advantages of pay-per-click over other models are:

  • Speed to market
  • Improving performance in high-competition areas you can’t yet reach with SEO

We take the time to understand your business, your market and the buying cycle from the point they first know about your business, to the point of sale and beyond into after sales care. This allows us to construct a journey to bring in customers, engage with them and maximise the chances of conversion. We do this by working with you on ad copy, placing ads in the right places to generate clicks, and using remarketing to make sure customers are hooked in until the sale is complete.

Paid search is rarely a service we offer on its own, we almost always manage Paid Search alongside SEO or Social Media. We believe that you will always see a higher return in time with SEO and social media, and over 16 years in digital marketing, we stand by this claim. There is always a place for paid search, but it’s often to help inform other channels and becomes a secondary channel in time. When used as a secondary channel it helps inform SEO, as you can switch off paid search once you gain organic rankings. There is of course always a place for it, and as long as you are seeing positive ROI, we’re always happy to look after your PPC channels in the long term.


We are open and transparent with our pricing. This is what you can expect to pay if we manage a Google Adwords account for you. We are able to manage other paid channels, and are happy to share pricing for these too. All our packages are on a monthly renewing term, to allow you maximum flexibility


  • Google Certified Expert
  • Monthly Report

All prices are exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

We exist to build marketing campaigns that work

Pick up the phone and let us show you how


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge a setup fee and then work on a month’s notice period, unlike other services? 2017-10-03T17:17:42+00:00

PPC should be flexible, that’s where its power lies. SEO and social media need a long-term investment to see a return. PPC should be your route to market when you need that return quickly.

Why do we charge a fixed fee or a percentage? 2017-10-03T17:15:55+00:00

Regardless of size, we need to do a minimum of 5 hours a month to manage your account properly. The higher the budget the more hands on we need to be.