10 Common Social Media Mistakes

//10 Common Social Media Mistakes

10 Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media has evolved in recent years, and it is the most preferred method for marketing than traditional big budget advertising. However, use of social media has only been fully effective for some selected few, who are equipped with skills and adequate knowledge of how to use different platforms for their gain. No doubt, social media can be an effective tool to transform your brand but only when used correctly.

Unfortunately, most marketers spend a lot of time on social media, but no relevant impact will ever be felt since they do things the same way, making simple mistakes and have no idea of the errors. In this article, we eyeball some of the mistakes people make on social media.

  1. Failure To Have A Social Media Strategy

In marketing, everything is all about strategy and without a good one, you will fail. Create a social media roadmap in line with your marketing goals. Set milestones and decide on the most effective platforms that will work for your business and stick to your plan.

  1. Same Post Across Platforms

Most people don’t take time to understand how different social networks operate, the unique set of audience and how they consume content. Since the introduction of post scheduling and cross-platform posting tools, social media users craft a single post on one platform and schedule it to auto post to multiple social media networks. While this will save time, it cannot achieve the desired results.

Different social media platforms have unique capabilities, and the audience consumes content differently. You need to understand what would work for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform and craft your content based on this.

  1. Sharing of Video Links

Video marketing will work wonders for your business especially on YouTube and Facebook. Posting video links on Facebook instead of the actual video is a common mistake that people make. Social media audience tends to interact more with video content posted on the platform than video links or shared photos. It is advisable to avoid sharing links and post videos directly for maximum engagement.

  1. Over-Hash Tagging

If you try so hard to emphasize on something, you will appear desperate, and most social media audience will treat your valuable content as spam. If you have to hashtag your post, do it stylishly and only on social media networks that support hashtag searching.  In LinkedIn for instance, hashtag searching is only visible on mobile. It may pay off on Twitter, when it is a trending topic but do not overuse it.

  1. Wrong Audience Target

Social media is all about engaging people on topics that they are interested in. It is not designed for random marketing. It is essential to understand who your brand interacts with and how important is the engagement to them. It starts with understanding which group to target, and how you want to interact with prospects (your brand voice). Otherwise, you will only have a large crowd following you but not the right group of followers. Your aim should be to attract and engage professionals, peers and prospects who share the same values and are interested.

  1. Plagiarism

If you have to download and use videos, images or memes or use copying posts of other users, you need to ask for permission or credit the author. It is embarrassing when you are caught with plagiarised content and can result in serious legal punishment.

  1. Failure To Post Regular

In social media, you need to keep your subscribers or followers engaged with regular and valuable information that will keep them interested to know more about your brand. If you create powerful brand awareness and then disappear only to reappear months or weeks later, then you will not succeed in social media.

  1. Inconsistency And Relevance

Most people post irrelevant and inconsistent content which in most cases will piss off your audience. Ensure that you stick to the relevant topic and maintain consistency to make your audience wait for more.

  1. Quality Of Videos And Images

Images and videos on social media work perfect as it can speak a thousand words from a single glance or view. Use quality cameras and lighting to take quality videos and photos. In most cases, you can use your mobile device to record a video but make sure that the settings are correct.

  1. Evaluation

Most social media marketers do not take time to evaluate their success or failure. Hence they keep making repeated mistakes over time thus becoming less efficient. Always take time to check your achievement against your goals and adjust accordingly.

There You Have It!

Of course, these ten things are just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, there are unquestionably more mistakes people do on social media which as a result leads to poor ROI. Therefore, if you intend to succeed on social media, you can start by avoiding these ten mistakes.

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