Google Introduce ‘Your Timeline’ Feature On Google Maps

//Google Introduce ‘Your Timeline’ Feature On Google Maps

Google Introduce ‘Your Timeline’ Feature On Google Maps

Google has begun rolling out a new feature for its Google Maps service called ‘Your Timeline’. Similar in principle to their previous ‘Location History’ function, this allows you to revisit the places you have been on any given day over the last few years.

If you want to know where that amazing Italian restaurant was on that holiday in Milan in 2013 for example, then you can simply check your timeline and it will display the exact location of your night out. If you are a Google Photos user, you will also be able to view any photos that you took at the time.

Personal privacy and customisation

Your Timeline is private and only visible to yourself and you can control which locations are recorded and stored, so if you want to remove a particular day, location, or even your complete location history, you can do this at the touch of a button. Additionally, you can assign names to your favourite or frequently visited locations, such as where you walk your dog for example, and this will be visible the next time you log in to Google Maps.

Useful location-based notifications

The timeline feature is available on both desktop and mobile as long as you have selected to record your location history with Google. Users familiar with this function will already be aware that having location history enabled allows you to receive useful reminders such as ‘Now’ notifications, which alert you to events like traffic incidents, or where you left your car in a car park.

So, thanks to Google, you now have no excuse for not remembering exactly where you were on any given occasion! We’re not sure whether this is a help or a hinderance, but progress is impossible without change, after all.

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