Analytics Are Great – But Is This A Step Too Far?

//Analytics Are Great – But Is This A Step Too Far?

Analytics Are Great – But Is This A Step Too Far?

Google Analytics allows us to see how people interact with our websites, where they are in the world, what they do. This allows us to make better decisions about how to structure websites, evaluate what techniques work and where to focus our energies. Without analytics, SEO, Adwords and even good site design would be a shot in the dark. Analytics empowers us to make internet marketing better and better.

But, it might come as a surprise to some, that our phone operators are keeping far more detailed analytics on our personal phone usage.

Malte Spitz’s TED Talk explores just how much data is being kept on each one of us that owns a mobile phone.

You can view the timeline of Malte’s movements (in German) here:

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