Five Reasons Your Business Should Use Foursquare

//Five Reasons Your Business Should Use Foursquare

Five Reasons Your Business Should Use Foursquare

foursquare is a very simple, yet enjoyable, location sharing service. The concept of the site is very simple; users have the app on their phones and when they arrive at a place of interest they ‘check in’ to tell all their friends on Twitter or Facebook where they are. foursquare keeps a record of who checks in where, when and how regularly. It then hands out awards to users that check in the most, for instance The Mayor badge. Brands like Starbucks have also registered their own badges that are awarded to users who check in at their locations.

In America foursquare is really popular with almost five million people using the service everyday and in the UK it’s becoming more common. This new popularity presents a massive opportunity for businesses to get involved before the service becomes saturated. With a little imagination and creativity there are plenty of ways your business can use foursquare to to interact with your loyal customers. In this blog post we’re going to highlight the five main reasons why we think you need to use foursquare.

1. Reach customers who are new in town and don’t know where to go

Many foursquare users use the service when they aren’t sure of where to go. So by being listed on the site you have an opportunity to reach potential customers who are looking for places to go.

2. Interact with social influencers and the early adapters

At the moment as foursquare’s popularity is still on the rise in the UK and the majority of the people using the service are early adapters who tend to influence those that follow them digitally. Getting your brand associated with these types of users can be really beneficial as they can spread the word about what you do and influence their hoards of followers.

3. foursquare is an easy way to reward loyal customers

By using foursquare you can see who your most loyal and viral customers are by looking at who checks in the most at your business locations. You can then reward these customers to show that you value their business.

4. fourSquare gives existing customers a reason to return to your business

In the same way that you can reward your most loyal customers you can offer incentives to existing customers to return time and time again. By offering discounts and special offers to customers who check you give people a reason to regularly return to your business so they can check in and redeem their special offer.

5. Position your brand as an innovator and interact with the web savvy crowd

As we already mentioned, influencing early adapters and innovators can be really beneficial in reaching new advocates. But positioning your business as an early adapter and innovator is also very powerful. Firstly you can reach people who influence others but you can also stand out as a business that tries new things and adapts. By being an early adapter you have the opportunity to be referenced and admired by others further down the line.

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