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Google TV Expected In The UK Within Six Months

The Telegraph understands that Eric Schmidt is expected to announce the arrival of Google TV in the UK within six months when he delivers his keynote speech at the Edinburgh International TV Festival.

So what is Google TV? At the most simple level, Google TV is a search engine that allows users to search for different content straight from their TV. The service is already available in the US but the search giant has struggled to get broadcasters to give them access to their content.

In order to be successful by including PPC ads next to content users search for Google needs to have access to content that users want. So it will be interesting to see how they mange to broker deals with UK broadcasters.

Steve Jobs Stands Down From Apple

Unless you live underneath a giant rock that completely blocks out tech news, you will have undoubtably heard that Steve Jobs has stepped down from Apple, due to on-going health issues. A few of us here at SoMotion are big Apple fans, so from all of the team – get well soon Steve!

The Government Says They Won’t Ban Social Media In Times Of Unrest

As a result of the riots across the UK earlier this month the government met with representatives from some of the largest social media organisations including Facebook, RIM (the company that makes Blackberry phones) and Twitter.

Before the talks there was speculation in the media that the government was going to announce plans to close down popular social media channels in times of future civil unrest.  But after discussions the Government has said they will not be blocking or shutting down channels in the future. But they have announced plans to work with social media brands to improve communication about what users are posting on their sites.

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