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There are so many tools out there to allow anyone to make a website. If you are reading this right now, you have the skill to make a website. This is a website – and it took me less than 10 minutes to setup the basics. It might take you a little longer, but really, there is no skill involved in getting some text and images on the internet.

Someone once said of the boom in home video equipment, that “soon every child will be able to produce a Hollywood blockbuster”.

Have they? No.

Should you build your own website? No. For the love of god, no.

I can do my own accounts. I don’t.

I can service my own car. I don’t.

I can bake my own bread. I don’t.

Why? Because I lack the skill to do a good enough job. Getting our accounts wrong is something few of us are willing to risk – we get it wrong, we can go to jail (rare, but imagine if you’ve been getting it wrong for the last 15 years and the inland revenue decides you owe them another £100,000 you honestly but mistakenly haven’t paid them). Servicing my own car, I can break it – or worse, realise I’ve forgotten to reattach the break cables after I’ve hit 70 on the motorway. Baking bread, well, the worst I can do is ruin some bread.

But interestingly, bread is perhaps the best example – because should I be using a bread maker, in the best case scenario, I might be able to make bread that’s as good as the bakery down the road – but it will always cost me more. I will never break even on that investment.

Thus it is with websites. The temptation may be there to build your own – but if you are serious about your business and about making your online presence really work, then don’t. Hire, a professional, in a best case scenario, you’ll bake some bread.

Still don’t believe me. OK. Here are some websites that real business owners have built, with the best of intent. These websites are not only ineffective, they are actually damaging to the businesses that have created them. These companies would be better off with no website at all (and that’s rarely a good web strategy).

For more examples, is an excellent blog. If I’ve not put you off the idea of making your own website, this guy will.


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