Are You Targeting The Right Keywords?

//Are You Targeting The Right Keywords?

Are You Targeting The Right Keywords?

If you are an electrician, or an accountant, the temptation is to compete to dominate on Google search engine results for “electrician”, or “accountant” is huge. Some people may even tell you that it’s the way to go. If you spend enough time and money, a really really good SEO professional may get you on the first page for these keywords. Sure, it may have cost a few thousand, or a few tens of thousands, but it’s worth it right, if you’re getting 1000’s of hits a day?


You have thrown money away. If you’re an electrician, or an accountant, with the best will in the world, you cannot possibly serve all the potential customers who are searching online for an electrician or accountant. If you work in Bournemouth, at the very most you might be able to cover Dorset, Hampshire and perhaps the lower tip of Wiltshire. That’s it. Anyone in the UK searching for an accountant outside of those 3 counties (94% of the rest of the UK), will never, ever, become your client. No matter how good your services are, no matter how superb your website, 94% of your hits will convert into nothing but extra bandwidth cost (not to mention the thousands you spent getting to number 1).

Forget keywords. Focus instead on key phrases:

Accountant: 32 million results
Accountant Bournemouth: 207,000 results

Electrician: 12 million results
Electrician Hampshire: 158,000 results

Which do you think it will be easier to optimise for?


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